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Brownie Bucks

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Girl Scouts of River Bluffs Council Troop #1116, St. Libory, IL

Brownie Bucks Criteria
 You can earn Brownie Bucks for gifts and prizes from Brownie Girl Scouts. You can cash in your Brownie Bucks once every couple of months or you can save your Brownie Bucks for a special gift or prize. Below is a list of activities to do to earn Brownie Bucks:

1.  Attendance to each meeting.

2.  Wearing uniforms/sash/vest to Brownie activities.

3.  Complete your Kaper Chart activity/duty.

4.  Remembering your snack/drink schedule.

5.  Participation in Brownie activities outside of scheduled meeting, like Cookie Sales, field trips, service projects, etc.