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Girl Scouts of River Bluffs Council Troop #738, St. Libory, IL

Newsletter 11/17/06

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Newsletter 2-6, Nov. 17, 2006

Important Information

Reminder: Dues are $1 per meeting. We are asking that the girls bring their dues in their dues holder to every meeting. We do have some girls that owe for previous meetings.

Please remind the girls to also wear their Brownie sash to all Brownie activities, including meetings.

Brownie Bucks earned are recorded at each meeting with a gift choice about every other month.

Optional Calendar Sales are taking place now. If any girls would like to sell calendar(s) to earn a patch, please let Carol or Liz. Calendars are $2 each. Only one sold calendar is required to earn the calendar patch.

Other fundraising activities that we may be participating in are optional nuts & candy sales in early February and Home Interior candles in late March.

We have included all important information on our troop website. Please check it out.

Current Activities

We starting our meeting by choosing our Kaper Chart duties. We then recited the Girl Scout law and the Girl Scout Promise and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Courtney chose to take attendance/dues. Meghan chose to lead us in the Pledge, Law and Promise. Colleen and Tess was in charge of craft set-up. Madelyn was in charge of handing out folders. Eva and Skyler served as snack hostesses. And Mackenzie and Delynn

served as clean-up.

We started our first activity by playing Kim’s Game from England. We had 10 items that the girls had to remember after looking at them for about 1 minute. We then played Hawk and Hens from Zimbabwe. One girl was the hawk and had to catch all the hens.

We also started to collect magazines and recipes to finish our troop recipe folders.

We ended the meeting with the Girl Scout Squeeze.

Coming Up……..

The next meeting will be on December 1st right after school until 4:30.

The Challenger Learning Center has been rescheduled to December 2nd leaving around 7:30 am and returning around 2 pm.

Please remind all the girls to bring a recipe and magazine to our next meeting to complete our troop recipe folders.

At our next meeting we will be making cards and pictures for military personnel. We have two families that have asked for our help in cheering up the soldiers. We also have our adoptive soldier from last year.

We are also trying to set up various field trips. We have been thinking about seeing a movie, visit the St. Louis Arch, tour a restaurant and go ice skating. We also have other field trips that the girls may be interested in.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to call Carol at 768-4603 or Liz at 768-4677.

Thank you,

Carol and Liz