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Girl Scouts of River Bluffs Council Troop #738, St. Libory, IL

Newsletter 9/8/06

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Meeting 2-1, Sept. 8, 2006

Important Information

We would like to welcome back all the girls to the Brownie Girl Scout troop. We would also like to welcome our newest member, Skyler.

All of the girls have received the list of meeting dates. If there are any changes, we will let you know.

Dues are $1 per meeting. We are asking that the girls bring their dues in the dues holder to every meeting.

Please remind the girls to remember to wear their Brownie sash to all Brownie activities, including meetings.

We have also added a snack sign up sheet. The girls have volunteered to bring a snack/drink to the meetings.

We are doing a new and exciting gift idea this year. The girls will be collecting Brownie Bucks for gifts and prizes through their participation.

We have included all of this information on our troop website. You can view this site at:

Current Activities

We starting our meeting by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Girl Scout Law and the Girl Scout Promise.

We discussed the new items and activities for this year, including the meeting schedule, the Kaper Chart, $1 dues per meeting, earning Brownie Bucks, and snack sign-up sheet.

We colored our name tags to complete our Kaper Chart.

We completed a craft of making Dues Holders to help the girls remember to bring their dues to every meeting.

We also discussed the sign up sheet for the Cookie Caravan that is scheduled for September 22,23 and 24 and the traditional cookie sales that begin on September 29th.

The girls also received a flyer to explain the Council-Wide Community Service Project that we are participating in during the month of October.

And finally, we enjoyed snack/drink from fellow Brownies Colleen and Courtney.

Coming Up……..

The next meeting will be on September 22nd right after school.

We will be working on our Cookie Counts Try-It. We will be discussing our goals with the cookie sale and what we would like to do with the proceeds.

We will be practicing good manners and how to be polite while selling cookies. We will also be learning about each cookie and practicing making change.

We will be discussing cookie sale safety procedures with the girls.

We also still have room for anyone who would like to help out with the Cookie Caravan. We will be selling cookies at Roger’s (Fri/Sat/Sun), Wenneman’s (Sat), Village Bank (Sat), and Chicken’s (Sun).

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to call Carol at 768-4603 or Liz at 768-4677.

Thank you,

Carol and Liz