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Girl Scouts of River Bluffs Council Troop #738, St. Libory, IL

Fundraising & Service Projects 2006-2007

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Home Interior Candle Fundraiser
We just finished our last fundraiser of the year selling Home Interior Candles.  We are expecting an estimated delivery time around the first week in May, just in time for Mother's Day.
A prize will be given to the top seller and her mother at the last Brownie meeting on May 11th.
Delynn sold 4 items for a total of $37
Hannah sold 2 items for a total of $14
Madelyn sold 13 items for a total of $120
Abi sold 1 item for a total of $7
Colleen sold 4 items for a total of $48
Courtney sold 40 items for a total of $351
Mackenzie sold 5 items for a total of $53
Melissa sold 25 items for a total of $246
For a total amount sold of $876. 
GREAT JOB GIRLS!! (& parents!)

National Arbor Day Tree Planting
We participated in a community service project for National Arbor Day.  We planted 11 trees (10 oak and 1 maple) at the new park on April 27, 2007.  Thank you for everyone that helped in making it a great event.  

American Red Cross Service Project -- Comfort Kits
We will still be participating in the American Red Cross Service Project until May 11th. 
Here is a list of items that we are collecting for each comfort kit:
1 comb
1 toothbrush
1 travel size roll on or stick deodorant (no glass please)
1 tube of toothpaste (travel size ok)
1 toothbrush cover
1 disposable razor
1 travel size shaving cream
1 shampoo (about 8 oz size)
1 wash cloth
2 small (sample size) bars of soap or 1 regular bar of soap
1 travel size hand cream

Nut & Candy Sale Information: 
More to Explore Nuts & Candy Sale ended February 16, 2007.  Any girl that sold one item will be receiving a More to Explore patch, and we had 4 girls that will be receiving a stuffed fawn for their outstanding selling and hard work.  We had another outstanding year for the Nut & Candy Sale.  We sold a total of 173 items with 9 out of 12 girls selling.  Congratulations to all the girls.
Eva - 9 items
Delynn - 32 items
Skyler - 3 items
Hannah - 7 items
Madelyn - 30 items
Abi - 7 items
Courtney - 50 items
Meghan - 29 itmes
Melissa - 6 items
Cookie Sale Information:
We had a great first year at selling cookies.  All the girls really worked hard. 
Eva - 21 boxes
Delynn - 33 boxes
Skyler - 49 boxes
Hannah - 29 boxes
Madelyn - 83 boxes
Abi - 18 boxes
Colleen - 79 boxes
Courtney - 205 boxes
Meghan - 162 boxes
Mackenzie - 153 boxes
Melissa - 163 boxes
Tess - 151 boxes
Great Job Girls!!